Bob King

Edgewood, WA

Bob King is an international and national, award winning carver. He travels to shows all around the world with his wife, Cindy. Bob is one of the most award winning carvers in the world.

Bob started carving in 1998 after watching carvers at the Puyallup, WA, fair. He owned a couple of chainsaws for cutting firewood, so he thought he would see what he could do.

A friend from Boeing, where he was working, offered him a log of cedar from some property he was clearing for a house. Weeks went by, and it became the joke in Bob’s department at Boeing. “Hey, Bob, did you carve that log yet?” He finally admitted that he was afraid he might mess it up, and didn’t want to waste the wood. His friend told him, “If you mess it up, I have another piece you can have.” So, after several months, Bob finally put the saw to the wood. He was very happy with the bear he carved, so he took it to Boeing to show his departmental friends there, that he had finally carved that log! A couple of the guys were impressed enough that they offered to buy a carving from him, if he would make them one!

That’s how it all began! Then, in approximately 2001, Boeing had to lay some people off, and Bob was one of them. After a year of studying MCSC, and passing all his exams, Bob decided he just wanted to be a carver. So, here it is, 20 years later, and Bob is still carving! He has been very blessed in his career. After one of his first competitions, his wife, Cindy, said, “I didn’t know you could do that!” And Bob replied, “I didn’t either!”

Bob has been asked to compete in competitions all around the world! The highlight of his travels was in 2010, when he was presented with a star, (sprocket shaped), in the “Carvers’ Walk of Fame” for winning more competitions than any other carver in the world!