Linda Chavez

Klammoth Falls, WA

That’s right! A female carver! Come watch this amazing woman carve next to, and compete with, all the guys!!

Linda was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and is a United States Veteran. She served in the United States Air Force. She now works at Columbia Forest Products, and has been there for 26 years.

One day, Linda went to her local grocery store and discovered a man selling bears he had carved with a chainsaw to earn money to buy groceries for his family. Linda purchased several of the bears and took them home as gifts for her family. After studying the bears, she realized that she wanted to carve some bears of her own. She knew she could do it, as she has always enjoyed making things with her hands.

Her first step was to prove to her husband that she could handle a chainsaw! So he took her out wood cutting and decided that Linda was very capable of handling a chainsaw safely, so they bought her a chainsaw with a carving bar.

Linda has always had a passion for making things out of wood and she started out by making things with a Dremel. She has been carving since 2013. Linda went to her first Chainsaw & Arts Carving Festival in 2015, at the McKenzie Community Track & Field! She watched all the different carvers, noticed their techniques, and checked out all their carvings. She returned to the 2017 festival, as well. She says, “I knew I wanted to be in a festival someday.” And now, here she is, in her first festival, the 2018 Community Track & Field, Chainsaw & Arts Festival!